As my tribute to Panorama Ray, I've brought back The Limit from 1997. I'll modernize bits in the near future.

(all images copyright 1997 Ray Herbert)

"Panorama" Ray Herbert took that big 1904 circuit camera everywhere. From photographing the pyramids in Egypt to the opening of the Carter Center, to construction photos of many of Atlanta's landmarks, Ray was there. But it would be in Atlanta's Cabbage Town district that Ray would truely find his artistic voice. We will start here, in Cabbage Town, on our tour of Ray's panoramic art.

(The photos shown here are greatly reduced from their original size of about 10 inches tall to as much as six feet in length)

Scouting Cabbage Heads as told by Ray's widow, Patty

This little group here is a boy scout troup that Ray was teaching darkroom, how to develope and print. Here is where we lived (behind the car in the middle) when he made this print, see the panorama sign. And this is the house that somebody shot up with machine guns. We were actually there, they shot up the lower floor while we were upstairs.

Somebody came back a couple of days later and apologised, "We didn't know that you lived here, Panorama Ray". They were aiming for the person in the other half of the double.

We moved within two weeks.

More Panoramas from Ray Herbert
(Holly Hollywood, 800 East, Babe O Rama, Mick O'Dowd)